HDI PCB Build Up
Mega has state-of-the-art equipment for PCB manufacturing and has a world-class production line of excellent quality.
Our company focuses on rigid PCBs, high density PCBs.
Now we can provide 64-layer PCB build-up products including automotive electronic PCBs, multilayer PCBs and high density (HDI) PCBs.

PCB Specifications

YEAR 2009 2011 2017 2019 2022
Production Capability 3,500m² 7,500m² 7,500m² 12,000m² 16,000m²
PCB Layers 32Layers 48Layers 48Layers 56Layers 64Layers
Build Up 1’st Build Up 2’nd Build Up 2’nd Build Up 3’rd Build Up 4’th Build Up
Line Width/Space 100/100um 75/75um 75/75um 75/75um 50/50um
Material Properties FR1 / FR4 / Ceramic