MS570 U.2
Enterprise U.2 NVMe PCIe Gen3x4
Unmatched Performance Data Center
The MS570 U.2 is ideal for data centers that require optimal sustained performance with heavy mixed workloads. It is suitable for a variety of servers such as web, streaming, application and cache servers.
MS570 U.2


MEGA MS570 U.2 series SSD delivers solid I/O cost-to-performance benefits for applications that demand low latency read speeds and greater bandwidth for server and storage environments for PCIe / NVMe based Host interface systems in capacities of: 960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB

Advanced Features

The following is a list of advanced or unique features supported by MS570 U.2

  • Ultra-low Latency of 19.4µs read
  • Exceptional Reliability and Endurance of 27 DWPD
  • High-Performance Sequential Read of 3.5GB/s and Sequential Write of 2.87 GB/s
  • Low Power of 4.9W Read and 6.4W Write
  • 960GB , 1.92TB , 3.84TB Capacity
  • NVMe 1.3 / PCIe Gen 3.1 Interface
  • U.2 (7mm) form factor
  • Multi-Streams (up to 32)
  • Multiple NS (128) with 128 Encryption keys
  • SR-IOV (15VF/PF/Port) with Virtualization (dynamic allocations of Queue/Interrupt)
  • CMB (Controller Memory Buffer) up to 16MB
  • PMR (Persistent Memory Region) up to 16MB
  • SMART / Health Log / Telemetry
  • Atomicity of 512KB
  • T10 DIF/DIX
  • Vital Product Data (VPD) over SMBus & LED
  • Internal/External Power Loss Protection (PLP)

Benefits of Performance

  • Up to 30% lower power
  • Up to 100% faster performance
  • Twice the reliability of 4KB LDPC engine with end-to-end data protection and TCG/OPAL 2.0/dynamic internal RAID
  • Superior Quality of Service (QOS) with very stable latency at any workload

Key Specifications

Interface Physical  PCIe Gen 3.1 x4 Lanes 
Logical  NVMe 1.3a 
Hardware Form Factors  U.2 7mm|15mm
Controller  FADU FC3081 (RISC-V) 
NAND Flash  SK-Hynix e-NAND, TLC 
Capacities  960GB , 1.92TB , 3.84TB Capacity 
O.P.  28%
Performance   Sequential Read  3.5 GB/s 
Sequential Write  2.87 GB/s 
Power   Active Read  4.9W 
Active Write  6.4W 
Latency   Random Read (QD-1)  19.4µs 
Random Write (QD-1)  11.4µs 
Reliability Endurance  1DWPD 
MTBF / UBER  2 Million Hours / 1E-17 
Warranty  5 years 
Data Security  Type  AES 256 (Encryption) / TRNG / TCG OPAL 2.0 /TCG Enterprise/eDrive/ FIPS 140-2 

Thorough quality control through in-house design and production

Thorough quality control is possible because all SSD production processes such as circuit, PCB design, and memory tests are carried out as an in-house solution through a one-stop process. We minimize the defective rate through 100% RDT(Reliability Demonstration Test) testing for memory bad blocks and thorough quality testing.